Welcome to The Spice Room

Amidst the lanes that run parallel to the train tracks in the Indian town of Chittor Aquila, alongside the Tea Stalls and busy roadside eateries, proudly stands the relics of a Grand Haveli Mansion No. 89.

The residents of this Grand Kothi no longer live here, but the home is full of memories, beautiful heirlooms, family photographs and treasured possessions which contain more than a whiff of Royal Lives gone by.

In the Interior Courtyard, amongst the antiques and faded grandeur, The Spice Room serves authentic Indian food.

Selections of street food, sharing platters of tasty nibbles, royal banquets, tandoori delicacies, delicious curries and sweet desserts are savoured and enjoyed.

The exotic colours and heady aromas of spices combine to create a sublime feast for all the five senses.

Magic of Spices

The Spice Room offers delicious cuisines from the rich royal heritage of India recreating the magic of spices by using ingredients fit for royalty.

Tiffin Lunches

The Spice Room offers a creative lunch menu which recreates for patrons the tiffin boxes which are lunch boxes that Dabbawallas (delivery boys) deliver to white collared workers across Mumbai in India.

The meals are served in 2 tier or 3 tier tiffin boxes during lunch time. Try one today!

Our Team of Chefs

The Spice Room has a passionate team of chefs who believe in absolute perfection and are offering a true feast for all the five senses with a range of signature dishes such as King Prawn Gulmohur and Chicken Kebab Dakhni, The Spice Room has a taste for everyone.